VENOM – 01-Black Metal

Venom – BLACK METAL 01-Black Metal 02-To Hell And Back 03-Buried Alive 04-Raise The Dead 05-Teachers Pet 06-Leave Me In Hell 07-Sacrifice 08-Heavens On Fire 09-Countess Bathory 10-Dont Burn The Witch 11-At War With Satan (Preview) 12-Bursting Out (60min+ version) 13-Black Metal (Radio One Session) 14-Nightmare (Radio One Session) 15-Too Loud (For The Crowd) (Radio One Session) 16-Bloodlust (Radio One Session) 17-Die Hard (12 Version) 18-Acid Queen (12 Version) 19-Bursting Out (12 Version) 20-Hounds Of Hell (Outtake)