The Kovenant

The Kovenant – Star By Star

"Star by Star" by The Kovenant with some spaces images. –@ Lyrics @– We were alone and on our own, in the dark between the stars From the shadows to the pyre, amidst the chaos, from the stars Love, life and liberty, Hate, death and captivity Like a stain of starless darkness, across…

The Kovenant — Visions of a Lost Kingdom

Norwegian Cyber-Industrial Black Metal, 2002 In Times Before The Light (re-mastered). Swept in the wintery landscapes Untouched by the hands of the holy I am a demon, I hold the key But not for myself… But to crush the feeble race I have had visions of a lost kingdom Once so proud but only to fall We raise the sign on the mountainside This domain…. Is eternally ours Our world is like a black soul In eternal search for immortalilty But the soul is tired of searching…

The Kovenant ~ Chariots of Thunder (Live from 2000) & Space exploration scenery!

Awesome and epic live performance from The Kovenant and their Grammy award winning album Nexus Polaris song Chariots of Thunder… SpaceAge Cyber Industrial Metal, from Norway!!! mm Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Breif History of the Band: The Kovenant were formed in Norway, 1992. Orginally part of the Norwegian black metal scene; since 1997 has evolved into a more futuristic Cosmic Industrial approach. Line up (2000): Lex Icon – Vocals, Bass Psy Coma – Guitars, Programming Hellhammer – Drums Angel – Guitars