Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies – Join The Army

The title track off of "Join The Army" – Suicidal Tendencies I got a story to tell, now listen up real well Pay attention this way to what I got to say Took it to the street, rap to the people we meet Now were rocking out hard to the Suicidal beat Tried to deny our right, so were putting up a fight Just doing our thang, they tried to call it a gang Saw the way we look, thats all that it took Thats all she wrote, they had their scapegoat Dressed down, homeboyz, minority-join the Army Were the few, were the proud, we like to jam it loud The music we play wont have it any other way Were armed to the bone with our music and our tone Recruiting on the street with the sound of our beat Growing larger every day and every time we play Dont need no college plan, were just a hard-rocking band We like our music to please but we aint gonna appease No pressures too much to make us change our touch Hardcore, metal, the new wave Were not a gang-join the Army Dont be no fool, dont let your prejudice rule Dont judge by your fear, judge us by your ear Cant believe every word of every story that youve heard Just play the song, I know youll start to rock along Well I dont care bout the clothes you wear Its the size of your heart, not the length of your hair Dont make no difference to me, the color that you be Black, white or brown, its all the same to me Well if you still dont believe you best get up and leave Do what you must do, but this aint the place for you You <b>…<b>

"Cyco Vision" by Suicidal Tendencies

"Cyco Vision" by Suicidal Tendencies from the album Freedumb. Buy album at Lyrics: — You tell me what I wanna hear I hear it all with my ears But that wont do me any use So I use my eyes to see the truth Ive got CYCO VISION I use CYCO VISION I said CYCO VISION Ive got CYCO VISION It doesnt matter what you say … bullshit It only matters what you do … no shit You cannot take the easy way out with me cause I got cyco vision You put a smile on your face To try and hide behind your lies But it just magnifies the pain in your soul that I see with my CYCO VISION When you think with all your might You change right to wrong and wrong to right But it stays the same to me cause I got cyco vision — Please subscribe, will add more videos! — NOO!! Is it taken down? Damn YT. =(