Overkill – Necroshine

The song Necroshine from Overkills album Necroshine You can take me out of my hell You cant take the hell on out of me Wathch me here as I get But be careful what you see I cut across the waste , some live and some enshrined I look into the light of the necroshine Dont you worry bout me You know Im doin line Basking in the light Of the necroshine In the name of all thats sacred In the name of misery Watch me here as I turn red And remember what you see I hunger for a taste To fill me glass with wine Away from the right into the necroshine Dont you ever doubt me As you walk the line Guided by the light Of the necroshine I think that I have been reborn, Just a little better than before I think I tried to tell myself, That I needed just a little more They always tried to sell me, Hang me what I couldnt use Always tried to get a little better, With an offer that I cant refuse You can take me full of fire, you can take me as you lind Or you can leave me here , where you gonna see me Guided by the necroshine

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