Nightwish – Passion And The Opera (Oceanborn)

Nightwish – Passion And The Opera Princess of lust Dignity put to dust A virginal sight Their apple to bite Drink from my thighs The rain of lies A sight so cursed Breasts which never nursed An Aphrodite for mortal souls Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles Their erotic hour my tearless weep Their satisfaction my infinite sleep Naked limbs reflecting from the moon Ill be there for you soon First wish for this night: Let me be your delight Body of a virgin Sould to the Devils kin Your God is me In all that you see An Aphrodite for mortal souls…

Tarja Turunen *song: Nightwish – Angels Fall First*

I do NOT own this song. All the credits for the song go to Nightwish. Oktober 9th 2008: 1.000.000 views! Thank you guys!! Youre awesome! ^____^ UPDATE!!!: FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE TALKING ABOUT WHY TARJA WAS KICKED OUT OF THE BAND. PLEASE JUST READ THIS OPEN LETTER ( www.nightwish.comenarticle6 ) AND STOP MAKING THINGS UP!!! Thanks. Ive also been asked to put up the link to Tarjas response. Heres the link to her letter (I hope the link works): Hey everyone .. so ehm .. this is my first video so dont be too hard on me.^^ Im a Tarja Turunen fan .. and Im still a bit sad that shes out of Nightwish. So thats why I made this video. Hope you like it. Please leave a comment. Id really like to know what you think.