GBH – Generals

This video is from GBH – Live At The Ace Brixton and Up Yer Tower DVD. The first ever DVD to feature one of the biggest and longstanding second wave punk outfits in the UK, GBH. In 1980, four drinking buddies got together and formed a band inspired by the mid seventies punk acts. Initially called Charged GBH, they were signed up to Stoke based Clay Records within a year and released a string of singles and LPs that were to become second wave punk classics. But their studio performance was only an inkling of their stage presence. Soon GBH earned a reputation for being amongst the most exciting and intense performers on the scene, their gigs a blaze of irreverent punk rock posturing and high-speed savagery. More than any other band they were to influence the US hardcore street-punk phenomenon. Touring almost constantly, there is barely a continent that hasnt been treated to one of their truly electrifying concerts. With thousands of fans worldwide, GBH have remained a force to be recognised even today. This DVD contains restored footage of two of the bands most celebrated early gigs — their amazing turn at the Ace in Brixton, London in 1983 and as the headline act at the legendary "Up Yer Tower" gig in Blackpool, 1982. Both gigs demonstrate the raw power and stage presence which was to secure them the status of true punk icons and cement their future as one of the predominant rock and roll outfits of all time. Amongst the tracks featured are Indie Chart top ten hits, "No <b>…<b>