Deftones – "Root"

video from their "B-sides and Rarities" album…lol please note tht im am just supporting this band with videos i ripped from the DVD..i am not taking credit for any of the work by Deftones all rights are reserved by Deftones and Maverick Records Thank you

Deftones – Passenger (ft. Maynard James Keenan)

Bascially this is my own personal music video of what I feel this song is about. I know its not the "true meaning" but its what it makes me think of. I had postedcreated this back in 2005, My account was recently suspended for television show clips…quite upsetting. Its old but I know if I were to re-create it 2 years later I could do it a lot better as I have better equipment and editing software now. *If youre looking for a laugh, check out some of my other videos :)*