As I Lay Dying

"Forever" by As I Lay Dying (Live)

Check out my bands: www.myspace.comsuccessortothethrone www.myspace.comempyreonic Live video of As I Lay Dying from Cornerstone 2005 Sorry about the constant camera movement and stop with the fucking jesus talk.. i support the search for truth through reason and logic…telling someone theyre going to burn in hell if they dont accept jesus isnt what we call logical AILD wasnt trying to ram anything down anyones throat, and even though i dont believe in god, i agree with what Tim said


As requested by SaVaGeGn0mE, here is As I Lay Dying performing live "Through Struggle". This vid was filmed on the 161106 when As I Lay Dying supported Bullet For My Valentine at the Norwich UEA, UK. The track (as you probably know!!) features on their album "Shadows Are Security" as track #8. My highlight of the vid is at about 2:45 when Jordan Mancino (drums) goes a bit crazy with his hair…take a look to see what I mean!!


AS I LAY DYING LIVE IN BANGKOK : Setlists Through Struggle Forever An Ocean Between Us Within Destruction Elegy Separation Nothing Left The Darkest Nights Reflection Forsaken Comford Betrayed I Never Want Meaning In Tragedy Falling Upon Deaf Ears Distance Is Darkness Repeating Yesterday Illusions Drum Solo From Jordan Mancino Sound Of Truth Departed Morning Waits 94 Hours Confined Thanks so F*CK much for AILD f*cking great show in Thailand please vote & comment & sent this link to all AILD fans clip AILD show by click www.you2play.complayermedia_type,videoid,521 Pix AILD show by overdose13

As I Lay Dying- Forsaken (amazing quality with lyrics)

As I Lay Dying- Forsaken with some awsome pictures best band ever! Ive looked straight into your eyes And turned my head for the last time Because I was scared to leave these walls in ruin Like the fate of those who trust in themselves We are alone and afraid I know you are the one we left behind Yet somehow we are the ones who feel alone I will no longer turn my head I will never forget you You are the one we left behind You are the forsaken Weve built our confidence On broken dreams now left for dead Yet weve been condemned To chase these dreams that never end Our selfishness consumes us Until the whole world is not enough Forgive the day that I erased your name For its the memory of me that will decay