Annihilator – Bloodbath (w/ solo’s)

i just released a new album with my band "unfold" you can check it out at: this is the opening song of this AMAZING album!!!!! when i bought this cd, i could tell by the name that this song was going to be insane with extremely intense riffs… i was right! this song is so difficult to play. the 2nd picture is the set-list of the "virus diablos tour" when they played in a small venue in holland back in 2001. i believe they opened for nevermore that night, cant remember… whatever. the pick you see attached to the list, is JEFF WATERS pick that he used the whole night!!!! i am so damn lucky! i hope you guys like it. fuck the other pussy songs, this year im gonna upload only but thrash!!! you can get part of the riff tabs at the tabs are not complete, and the solos are not tabbed either. as with all of my other songs (except for cynic and 2 symphony x songs) i didnt use any tabs. lineup: Randy Rampage Jeff Waters Dave Scott Davis Russell Bergquist Ray Hartmann

Annihilator – My Precious Lunatic Asylum

Endlich….! Ich hab hier mal in Youtube rumgestöbert und gesehne dass es kein video hiervon gibt… des fand ich ziemlich schade weild es lied und die band einfach geil sind! pls comment thx4vote Text: Take a trip inside To my precious lunatic asylum Welcome, enter the house of hell My precious lunatic asylum You can get anything you need At the the precious lunatic asylum Hang on as we take the ride Into the precious lunatic asylum Prepare to descend Into my precious lunatic asylum The ultimate insanity awaits below In my precious lunatic asylum Look at all the tortured souls In the precious lunatic asylum Here we are so let the fun begin In my precious lunatic asylum Gone, your mind is gone It now belongs to me Your mind is gone I am insanity